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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 8:01 AM | 0 comments  
st patrick s day 2010
Obama will participate in the St. Patricks Day 2010 meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland's Brian Cowen. This event is guaranteed to be a mixture of cheer and politics. Cowen will mix business with pleasure as he plans to bring the issues of massive budget cuts he has implemented to help cut down debt in his country.
His progress has been excellent compared to Greece and its current economic condition. Who else will be at this fun St. Patty's affair in the Oval Office? Norther Ireland's leader, First Minister Peter Robinson, and Deputy First Minister Martin Mcguinness. Obama says he has a lil bit of Irish in his blood and he even joked with Cowen and said, "We may be cousins, we haven't sorted that out yet."